Short Course

If you would like more detailed instruction on the theory behind the programs and the application of the programs to your data, we are willing to give a course at your location.

Below is the format of a course we have given in the past.

Previous Short Course Format
  • Day One is for those new to human genetics and/or without any S.A.G.E. experience; it covers the basics of human genetics, getting started in S.A.G.E. and the preparation of data for analysis by the S.A.G.E. programs.

  • Day Two and Day Three covers each of the S.A.G.E. programs in some detail, including using the GUI, entering data, how to use the programs and interpreting the output. Programs cover, among other things, segregation, linkage and association analysis.

  • Day Four gives more details about the statistical methods underlying the programs.

Interested in hosting a S.A.G.E short course?

We will consider conducting a short course for groups of persons at your home institution, at a mutually convenient time and place. The course will be presented in an agreed upon format. All costs must be born by the hosting institution. We would prefer the course to be open to all interested (not restricted to members of the hosting institution), subject to available space.

Click here to send us a brief email indicating the requested time and place for the course, and the contact person with whom we may make the necessary arrangements.